Is the Terrorist Organization Antifa coming to Stockton?

Antifa's Welcome to Hell Credit: Leon Neal

With the State of New Jersey’s recent addition of Antifa as a Domestic Terrorist group to their DHS database, today’s violence in Hamburg, Germany by Antifa makes it clear that this group presents a real and present danger to cities around the country. In April, the City of Berkeley similarly underwent a riot undertaken by Black Masked Antifa thugs, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Berkeley, once a bastion of the Free Speech movement in the 1960’s is now nationally known as a violent battleground.

Stockton is just a few miles down the road. There’s another similarity that should not be so quickly overlooked with how and why cities are targeted. The cities where Antifa is active are usually those with long time Democrat party leadership. They do this specifically to receive lighter treatment from Police. Both Berkeley and Hamburg are left wing cities. Stockton is a particularly soft target because of it’s Democratic leadership and rising income disparity. East Bay student radicals could soon make it a target to enact their class struggle by agitating violence and rioting. They do this in the hope to extract a violent police reaction. From that in their imagination, is that the “oppressed citizens” will rise up against the police and take over the government.

We need to be aware of this risk, as these black bloc Antifa protestors get more violent both Internationally, in our Country and in our State. Soon they may be here, and an already over stressed Police force may have more than they can handle.


Stockton Police Blotter for Friday July 7th 2017

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